CMC 70050 brown - Sample sheetDIN A4

Order no.: E700590-DINA4

Material: Kapton HN (PI)
UL Listung: ja
Format: DIN A4 Sample Sheet
Film thickness: 0,050 mm
20.00 € / piece(s)
plus VAT.

CMC 70050 - Kapton 200HN


Film thickness: 0.050 mm


The film is an excellent insulation film for the highest requirements and has a high dielectric strength, as well as good mechanical properties even at high temperatures. The polyimide film is chemically, physically and electrically one of the best performing high-performance polymers on the market. The material has a higher dielectric strength than the CMC 70025 product due to the thicker film(50µm instead of 25µm).


More information about Kapton high performance film and our Kapton adhesive tape can be found here . 

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