CMC 70105

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size: DIN A4 sample

Kapton Adhesive Tape with acrylic adhesive
Kapton® HN
Substrate Thickness: 0,050 mm
Total Thickness: 0,080 mm

Material: Kapton
Colour: brown
Thermal Class: H - 180°C
Adhesive Properties: single-sided
Adhesive: Acrylate
Format: DIN A4 sample

CMC 70105 - Kapton adhesive tape

CMC 70105 is an adhesive tape based on a 50μm Kapton® HN polyimide film. The film is an excellent insulation film for the highest requirements and has a high breakdown voltage and good mechanical properties even at high temperatures. The polyimide film is one of the most powerful high-performance polymers on the market, chemically, physically and electrically. The film was equipped with a very cohesive, chemically stable, weather-resistant acrylate adhesive, which is also very suitable for long-term applications under maximum temperature loading (heat class H) up to a continuous temperature of 180 ° C. The material thickness and the very high breakdown voltage make this adhesive tape ideal for electrical insulation. Due to the thicker film (50μm instead of 25μm), the material has a higher breakdown voltage than the CMC 70100 product.

More information about the Kapton high-performance film and our Kapton adhesive tape can be found here.

Technical Datasheets:  CMC 70105 - Deutsch      CMC 70105 - English