CMC 10430 - double-sided Polyester Adhesive Tape

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size: DIN A4 sample

Double-sided adhesive polyester adhesive tape
with high-temperature resistant polysiloxane adhesive
u. A. for splicing siliconized films and papers
substrate thickness: 0.023 mm +/- 10%
total thickness: 0.125 mm +/- 10%
liner: PET

Material: Polyester
Colour: colourless
Thermal Class: B - 130°C
Adhesive Properties: double-sided
Adhesive: Polysiloxane
Format: DIN A4 sample

CMC 10430 - double-sided polyester adhesive tape

CMC 10430 is a polyester adhesive tape which is equipped on both sides with a colorless, modified polysiloxane adhesive. The tape is covered on both sides with a repellent polyester film. The product is similar to CMC 10730 but is slightly thinner and uses a double-sided PET film instead of the creped PVC cover.

Due to the adhesive used, CMC 10430 is particularly suitable for bonding to various siliconised and repellent surfaces. In the film and paper industry, the adhesive tape can be used inter alia as a splice tape for siliconized webs. The age-resistant polysiloxane adhesive allows self-adhesive finishing of silicone profiles and silicone mats.

Technical Datasheets:  CMC 10430 - Deutsch      CMC 10430 - English