CMC 10617 - 0,023 mm

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size: DIN A4 sample

PET-adhesive tape
with polysiloxane adhesive
Thickness of foil: 0,023 mm
Complete Thickness: 0,065 mm

Product Type: Sample DIN A4 Sheet
Material: Polyester
Adhesive Properties: single-sided
Adhesive: Polysiloxane
Thermal Class: B - 130°C

CMC 10617 - Polyester Adhesive Tape

CMC 10617 is a polyester adhesive tape, which is equipped on one side with a modified polysiloxane adhesive. Due to this special adhesive, the adhesive tape is ideally suited for bonding to siliconized and other repellent surfaces. The adhesive tape can also be used as a temporary cover, if it is important that no adhesive residue remains after removal of the adhesive tape.

Technical Datasheets:  CMC 10617 - Deutsch     CMC 10617 - English 


Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Film- and Paper Industry

For film, paper and adhesive tape manufacturers CMC 10617 is an ideal adhesive tape for splicing. Thanks to the modified polysiloxane adhesive, the adhesive tape has good adhesion to all difficult and siliconized surfaces. CMC 10617 combines a low material thickness of 65μm with a high tear resistance. Thus, it can also be used as an adhesive tape for the roles beginning and end gluing.

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Surface protection

CMC 10617 can be used as a removable protective film for a wide variety of applications. It is suitable for medium-term coverage of sensitive surfaces, even at elevated temperatures. Due to its chemical resistance, the polyester adhesive tape can also be used for precise masking in the galvanization process or in powder coating.